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VENICE, High Water

High water in Venice.

a new system of sound signals works from December 7th 2011.  

How does the new system work?

      1)      A siren like the one used at present will alert you to the high tide alarm.

2)      It will be followed by a signal indicating the expected level of the high tide.


 This second signal has up to the four different sounds in an upward scale, corresponding to four different levels of high tide.

  •          110 cm : one long sound on the same “note”.
  •          120 cm : two sounds in an upward scale .
  •          130 cm : three sounds in an upward scale.
  •          140 cm and above : four sounds in an upward scale.

To understand the new signal, therefore , all you have to do is count the sounds. The signal will be repeated several times thus making it very easy to recognize the expected level of the high tide. The signal have been designed to be simple, easy to remember and acoustically effective in the difficult sound propagation conditions in Venice.


The frequencies used will be easy to hear for the elderly.




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