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Venice is a city museum, romantic and relaxing, rich history in every corner of the city.

Just think that we used to cross on foot 50 minutes, imagine the greatness of this wonderful city.


Our apartments in Venice are located throughout the city, the most central place, San Marco, ideal for those who love luxury shopping, the place more charming and romantic place,Castello, for those who like to spend a holiday immersed in Venice in place more relaxing and peaceful, S. Elena who loves to travel with your family, baby, or dedicate a few hours of jogging in Venice. Who likes to devote himself exclusively to Venice Museums, churches and exhibitions in Venice, we suggest, Santa Croce, Cannaregio, Lido of Venice for the lovers of the sea, where they can enjoy 11 km of sandy beach. Venice offers an excellent public service ferries that run 24 hours.


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