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You reach Murano Island , known as the island of the glass.


After having visited one of the numerous glassfactory of the island and done possession a small turn reaching the museum of the glass, you reach the island of Burano with the vaporetto.


Burano and' known as the island of the lace done to hand but also famous for it good restaurants typical of Venetian specialty.


Ended your lunch take you a beautiful walk for the island, you visit some shops and the museum of the lace.


From Burano you take the vaporetto that will bring you in Fondamente Nuove, Venetian typical zone.


From Fondamente Nuove  you reach Campo S.Giovanni e Paolo, where you can visit the greatest church in Venice.


From the Campo S.Giovanni e Paolo you will reach the Plaza St. Mark in alone 15 Minutes taking the calle della  Madonna, reaching Campo S. Maria Formosa and continuing the indications for the San Marco Square.


If the day allows we advise to devote 30 minutes for a turn in gondola, where you can relax and to enjoy you the city for rii and canals.




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