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One day in Venice


If your stay in Venice only  a night. 


We recommend you to reach the Plaza St. Mark, after having photographed the Bridge of the Sighs and the Doge’s Palace, climbed on the bell tower and visited the Basilica, to Your left under the porticos, you can take a drink to the Caffè Florian, the most famous and ancient cafe in Venice.   Continuing for the street 22 March, the road of the shopping, you will reach Campo S.Stefano and



Crossed the bridge of the Accademia (one of the 4 bridges that cross the Canal Grande) turned on the left and you take the first calle , you will pass for field S.Vio, the museum P.Guggenaghen and you will reach the beautiful church. La Basilica della Salute..


From the Basilica, we recommend you to take the vaporetto (line 1) for Rialto, crossing a line of the Canal Grande you can see the splendid historical buildings of the city.


Reached the Rialto Bridge (second bridge that crosses the Canal Grande) you can visit the tourist or Venetian part of the zone.


The traditional zone in Venice, is very known for its market of the fruit and the fish, but lately in the opening of new places, cafe and typical restaurants, It has been very relaunched by the Venetians.


If not you desire instead to see the market, you continue to visit the tourist zone and from the Campo  S.Bortolomeo, gone down just by the vaporetto, you take the Calle delle Mercerie, Street very known and rich of shops and you continue up to the end in alone 15 minutes, you will return where you have started the day. San Marco Square.


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